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I recently bought two rolls of infrared film, set the asa at the recommended #50 and used a #29 filter. I took pictures of my daughter, flowers, scenic areas around me etc. When I went to develop it I used T-max developer at a temp. of 70' (I reduced the time for the increase in temp. it was warm in the darkroom), but only for 6 min for the first roll. I was too dark and I had few salvagable negitives. The second roll I developed 2 minutes longer and had a few more good negatives on that roll. I have since read on different sites that I should have set my asa much higher than I did. Do I have to compensate more for the #29 filter? So should I set my asa at 200? 400? I love the look of the pictures from the film I'd printed, but would like to get more than 6 useable negatives from two rolls! I have also read that I need to develop for 11 minutes @ 68' in T-max and keep the temp. of all chemicals and water stable. Please give me some advice. Janet

-- Janet Morley (, July 16, 2001

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