3835 Dolores

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I have a question regarding the little house at 3835 20th St. between Church St. and Dolores St. Any information pertaining to that house and its history, or how to find the information myself would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Michou

-- Michou Olivera (SFMichou@aol.com), July 16, 2001


The assessor's office indicates the house was built in 1900. My experience with these dates is that 1900 means to the Assessor "before the 1906 earthquake".

Good luck in your research.

Kurt Iversen

-- Kurt Iversen (Iversenk@aol.com), July 20, 2001.

i think julie p. is in the running to purchase that exact house. how funny isnt it?

-- sandra fillmore (trig_grl@yahoo.com), April 07, 2003.

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