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I have been an "Armchair Model Railroader" for years. I have a Troller Autopulse TwinMomentum 5 (Model #8000) Power Pack. Can this be used with DCC or shoulc I stay with a block control layout ? If I wqent with something like the Genesis II, would I need the throttles that go with it. I will probably only be running 2-3 locos at a time for a few years. Thanks.

-- Frank Pflock (, July 16, 2001


Dear Frank,

In my opinion, you should probably consider a full conversion to DCC and discontinue analog operation with the Troller. Your Troller could be used as the initial power source for the DCC System. The wiring would be considerably less and you would not have to deal with toggle switches. DCC is very flexible. Decoder prices have come down making it more affordable to equip motive power.

The Digitrax Genesis II comes with an UT type throttle, which will allow you to control both analog (non DCC) and DCC (decoder equipped)locomotives. In order to independently control more than one locomotive at a time with the Genesis II you will need an additional UT throttle or if you select the DT300 or DT400 throttles from Digitrax you will get advanced performance and throttles that can control multiple locomotives or consisted locomotives independently.

You cannot use your Troller Power Pack and DCC at the same time unless your track work is blocked to seperate the control source and you have toggle switches that would allow you to switch the power from analog power to DCC. Kalmbach has a wiring book that discusses using command control and traditional analog. If you are going to be running a limited number of locomotives at a time the added complexity and wiring of dual control methods may not be warranted.

-- David F. Butts (, July 26, 2001.

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