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Just had a recording for 'Gundhara' disqualified for slowdown...

I ran the game again and found that it is only running at 58%-65% (Even with sound off!)

I'm running on a very fast P4, 512mb, Gforce2 on windows me, dos mame through arcade@home....

Tried lots of other juice sucking ;-) games but they run at 100% ??

Any ideas anyone???

Thanks in advance

Darren aka GameGuru

-- Game Guru (, July 16, 2001


Works fine here, runs at 100% with sound on. I'm using windows mame on a 366Mhz machine. Try using a specific resolution (-r 1x1 works) and/or -hws/-nohws which seem to fix some of the problems I get running games at 100%.


-- LordGaz (, July 16, 2001.

WinME and DOS games generally don't work that well together, at least in my experience... weird that only the one game is being slow though. Try EmuLoader and one of the newer MAME for Windows :)

-- Seymour (, July 16, 2001.

yeah try mamew you shouldn't be forced to use a frontend and dos mame now that mamew is out... i think that's what you were trying. mamew is really cool for getting the correct aspect ratios and stretching the screen (at least it's way better than dos mame was.)

-- Chad (, July 16, 2001.

Thanks guys!!!!!!!

I ripped everything out and reinstalled........

It now runs like a bat out of hell on everything!! :-)

Now 2 work on getting back into the top 3 on the leaderboard..


Game Guru

-- Game Guru (, July 17, 2001.


-- iodfsjdiooiasjoijasiodjaosijd (, July 30, 2001.

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