Who won the Brit vs Amer Finals? Why is there no re-broadcast?

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Someone please tell me who won the finals, and a bit of a summary. I wish the show would be re-broadcast.

-- Ed Smith (karanja@javanet.com), July 16, 2001


The Americans won. Show was two hours long, with extra time being alloted for commmercials, respective country patriotic humor, flashbacks to shows long gone by, and a side trip to a car crushing company.

The Brits made a hydraulic car smasher. The Americans made a gravity falling battery ram, so to speak. The Brits looked like they were heading for an easy win at first with the power of their crusher. The American"s primitive and repetitious banging seemed lacking in affect. Then, as editing will do, the American's car seemed pummeled to smitherines and the Brits were off with their hydraulic machine bending so in the frame, not strong enough, that their contraption failed to smush their car lower than the metal mess the Americans created.

-- julie (applebucket@yahoo.com), July 18, 2001.

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