What is required to become a doula?

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I am a forty-seven year old woman who has a real passion to assist someone with the miracle of birth! I was present at all three of my own children's births some twenty years ago but was not really tuned into the WHOLE thing! I hope someday to have grandchildren and will try to "influence" my daughter to let me be with her but.... she will have the last say! I hadn't heard of a doula until now so I have printed some information I found on "BABYCENTER". Thanks for any additional info you might have. LOIS :)

-- Lois Warren (lwarren_56082@yahoo.com), July 16, 2001


Hi Lois! Being a doula is more of a passion and a calling than it is a career choice I believe. It is a wonderful one at that. That would be great to be able to be there for your daughter at her birth. Be careful about trying to influence her though. She needs to be totally comfortable and embrace the idea for it to be a positive experience. I am doulaing for my sister in law except for the birth. I know that sounds strange since a doula does attend the birth, but it just isnt something she is comfortable with so I am going to help her the best I can before and be there if she needs me after to help her out a bit in the postpartum days. Anyway, check out www.americandoulanetwork.com . You can find resources to becoming a birth doula, postpartum doula or childbirth educator there. They also have the most economical programs I have seen anywhere with total distance learning and business support.

Good luck with the birth of your grandbaby and with your potential career!

Tricia Saxbury Baby Steps Birthing Solutions www.americandoulanetwork.com/babysteps

-- Tricia Saxbury (babysteps@americandoulanetwork.com), July 17, 2001.

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