19mm ElmaritR, First Version

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I need a lens wider than my 28 ElmaritR. Unfortunately (or fortunately), both my SLR's require 2/3 cam lenses. This eliminates the 2nd version of the 19 ElmaritR.

Does anyone have experience with the first version of this lens. Is it a complete dog? How does it compare to the 21 f/4.0?

TIA, Bud

-- Bud Cook (budcook@attglobal.net), July 16, 2001


Not a dog in any way. I had one for a while, it was a very nice- performing lens with f2.8 and f/4 quite usable (whereas I prefer the 21/4 stopped down to 5.6 or 8). However I did not need the wider apertures and so the size (82mm front)becaame an issue. Also, though the lens has 82mm threads, I was never able to put a filter on it. If the filter glass was far enough forward in the mount not to rub the center of the front element, then it vignetted. I work primarily outdoors so I prefer a UV filter. For me the 21/4 was the way to go.

-- Jay (infinitydt@aol.com), July 16, 2001.

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