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Today while reading the Wall Street Journal/in the Weekend Journal section (W15) there was a little review of Oprah's book club. One of the endorsed samples from her selections describe women as "crawling creatures, supplicants, beaten down", or in another book her book club recommends the heroine a Kathy Nicolo, who is a recovering alcoholic and cocaine addict, "felt like an old magazine somebody finds wedged under a chair cushion"....The world in this club is a world of overworked, underappreciated types, victims of oppression, (women victims) stuck in a dungeon of abandomment, abuse, persecution, addiction, poverty, loneliness, bigotry...who know life is not fair and they have to go it alone, sans love and the dreams of it. Ahh, refreshing to watch Aeon, no? She wasn't afraid to dream of love. We see men are not described consistantly as loathsome creatures without a redeeming bone in their bodies, they are not ALWAYS the enemy...society is a trade off of the strong vs the weak, but without the obvious sexist stereotypes Oprah supposedly despises...a leather thong does not a sexist make....

-- Barb e. (Suesuebeo9@cs.com), July 16, 2001


Oprah in a thong? What a revoltin' development this is.

-- al from cal (Allenrb@ix.netcom.com), July 23, 2001.

Funny you should say that because it just so happens Oprah has a big mansion down on Barrier Island, didn't venture around the private beach in back to see if she was in her thong though...

-- Barb e. (Suesuebeo9@cs.com), August 09, 2001.

Pro-sex feminism is our friend.

-- Frostbite (krooks@bellsouth.net), September 22, 2001.

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