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I am new to large format and have reading and studying everything I can get my hands on. But I have yet to see a couple of my questions addressed. To preface I will be buying a Horseman 450 (4x5), a 180 nikkor, 210 caltar, 2 film holders, 120 back, and polaroid back. After exposing sheet film I will be useing a good color lab. Do I take it to the lab back in the original box or in the film holder? Also could quickload film be the alternative? I would like to try my hand at polaroid transfers. Will all polaroid film fit polaroid holders (Holder model 599)? I would like to use type 55 (pos/neg), and type 59(?), the color print that you tear apart. I believe that this is the type you use for the transfers, right?

Sorry for all the questions, thank you very much for all the help, by the way David Munson if you read this, I would still like to see those scans!

God Bless,

Clark King

-- Clark King (, July 16, 2001


I've always taken color (E6) to the lab in film boxes, but I've been told that you can take it in film holders. I'd think you'd need to initially unless you've got all your film loaded to holders. I always get the boxes back for reuse.

-- J. Wolfe (, July 16, 2001.

Hi Clark,

I didn't know whether to put this here or with your next question (the one about the Horseman 450), but if you can have only two lenses, a 180 and a 210 are awfully similar in field of view. Perhaps it's a package you're buying?


-- John Whitman (, July 16, 2001.


I've done both but it depends on your lab. I prefer to use boxes which I've attached a custom label that has my name on it, number of sheets, process type and special instructions. This has made the whole process a lot easier and manageable. If you need extra boxes go to your local lab and see if they have some to spare.

good luck in your shooting

-- Kevin (, July 16, 2001.

I agree with the person who commented that 180 and 210 are awfully similar.

At some labs, film holders are acceptable, at some they are not. Call and ask. There's one nearby that won't take film holders but will give me boxes and they have a darkroom in the lobby just for unloading holders.

It doesn't have to be in the original box, just label the box very well with what it contains.

Is the Polaroid holder really model 599? 545 is the usual for single sheet 4x5 polaroid films like type 55 and 59. There are two holders for pack films but I don't know the model numbers. 59 is the type for transfers. Type 55 is great stuff unless you need higher speed.

Quickload is certainly an alternate. It's just more expensive per shot. Supposedly it's OK in the polaroid 545 holder. I've never used the stuff.

have fun!

-- mike rosenlof (, July 16, 2001.

I agree that 180 and 210mm are a bit too similar to be very useful. Most labs (at least, here in the UK) will accept film either in boxes or in dark slides, I suppose it depends really on whether you can spare the film holders while to processing is being done. If you only have 2 DDS maybe you can't. I would suggest that you use Quickloads. They cost more but are very convenient, you can use them in a standard Polaroid 545 back and you won't have to worry about having enough DDS. The other big advantage of Quickloads is that loading film is a bit of a knack and by using Quickloads you will be cutting out one area of possible error.

-- Garry Edwards (, July 16, 2001.

Thank you very much for the response, it is appreciated!


-- Clark King (, July 16, 2001.

Oh wow, it's been a while, hasn't it? I'll see what I can do about that...

-- David Munson (, July 16, 2001.

I didn't see it mentioned, but some labs charge extra if "they" have to remove film from film holders before processing.

Good Shooting,

-- Gary Jones (, July 17, 2001.

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