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I need to know which enlarger could I use, or perhaps the question is how to enlarge 6x12 negs to a max size of 60x120cm pints. I have a DurstM67 which is setup for 35mm and I produce 40x50cm prints. I have an option of buying a second hand Durst Laborito L1200 and trading my present equipment. I am now shooting 6x7 and therefore need to upgrade my enlarger, but wish to also start shooting 6x12, hence the mentioned enlarger. This enlerger however only does a max of 50x70 cm prints,and it appears that you can't reverse the column around to project onto the floor.

Please help.

Thanks Karl

-- Karl Beath (, July 15, 2001


Actually, it looks to me like you can easily reverse the column on an L1200, at least on more recent versions. The column on newer L1200's is secured from below by 5 bolts running vertically through a thick metal plate and then through the baseboard into the column, with the five bolts in a symmetrical pattern on the metal plate (one in each corner, one in the center). Perhaps the L1200 you're considering buying has a different anchor bolt pattern? Note that if you do reverse the column, you'll want to park a small car or something on the baseboard to offset the weight of the reversed column and head....


-- Micah (, July 15, 2001.

While you could reverse-mount the Durst column, the proper way to do it is to wall-mount it and use a drop-table. Wall-mounting has the other advantage of stabilizing the column at both the top and bottom.

-- John Hicks (, July 15, 2001.

Hi Karl

The Durst Laborator 1200 works up to 4x5 inch and is also fine for 6x12cm.

Good luck!

-- Armin Seeholzer (, July 15, 2001.

What about projecting on a wall?

-- Steve Clark (, July 15, 2001.

I had a Laborator 54 and in order to add stabillity and allow for larger prints, I skipped the table base and welded together a wall support with incremental column and arms. I simply used rectangular tubes and arms destined to shop shelves. With the Rodagon WA 120, I could have made enlargements the size you want, although my color processing device was capable of only 50x100 cm. I went digital since.

-- Paul Schilliger (, July 16, 2001.

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