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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can throw some links at me for shops/on-line stores dealing in LF in Australia, I've had little luck in finding any decent ones.

Can anyone relate any experiences buying from the USA? Our exchange rate at the moment puts me off this idea though.

How do prices for items in the USA relate to what they cost over here in Australia? (besides the exchange rate, do we pay 'more'?

-- Andrew McPhee (, July 14, 2001


Have a look at the second hand listing for ECS of Sydney. Their website is at ECS

They are not exclusively LF and, contrary to whatever their name may suggest, they do not cater exclusively to european brands. I have purchased both a 2nd hand LF Nikkor lens from them, as well as a new LF Nikkor lens, and have no complaints.

I think Mainline Photographics may also have a site but I cant find the address.

Hope this is of help.

Carey Bird Carey Bird Photography

-- Carey Bird (, July 14, 2001.

I just checked the address somebody gave you in australia "ecs" and they do not have anything of interest. You would be much better off buy buying from "badger graphic sales" ask for Jeff,their prices are very good and I will bet you will save money even considering some import fee.In addition they have the best selection on lf cameras and accesories. Luis

-- luis a de santos (, July 14, 2001.

Andrew, try They are Toyo dealers and should have a pretty good selection of LF gear. And as I recall, their prices on Toyo cameras are much better than US prices. .

-- Stewart Ethier (, July 14, 2001.

Hi Andrew,

I moved to Australia about 1 1/2 years ago from the States. Great place Australia! But when it comes to buying things here the prices can be shocking. Film, for example is even considering exchange rates, cheaper to bring into the country from the States. The trick is to bring in small quantities because if you cross a certain dollar threshold, the tax/duty/customs people will have you for lunch. They even will charge you GST on the shipping charges. There are Eupropean suppliers of film that can do better than some American outfits. I'll get their email addresses but I don't want to post them here inasmuch as this isn't a commercial kind of site (and I'm not in the business either). Good luck with your shipping. Vanbar is, as was noted earlier, a good source but the same price considerations apply.

-- David Flockhart (, July 15, 2001.


I've found that buying overseas is the best. Australian secondhand prices are even more expensive than buying new in the US or some European countries depending on what you're buying. Robert White in the UK is a good source and his prices are competitive. Even with the low dollar to the US SOME items are good value there. ECS has some good secondhand equipment from time to time (I've bought from them before) but know your prices as often the new item sourced overseas is cheaper than their second hand prices. You can also try 'photographiic trader magazine' for good second hand stuff. Some of the big Melbourne dealers don't offer very good service and buying privately is better. there is also a dealer in Perth who is way too expensive for SH and I'd advise caution if shopping there.

Try the country of manufacture first as the Aussie to the Euro and the Yen is not too bad at the moment.

For film check bulk buying here first but generally you'll get a better deal off shore.

Hope this helps but email me off line if I you'd like more details.

Peter Brown

-- Peter L Brown (, July 16, 2001.

Thanks for the info everybody, you've been of great help.

Now I just gotta find some $$$ to buy all these goodies I want!

Regards, Andrew

-- Andrew McPhee (, July 17, 2001.

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