A.M.E U.S churches frees slaves in the Sudan

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Friday on NBC evening news, they did a story on Bethel A.M.E church in Boston. Rev. Hammond is the pastor, the story was about how the pastor and congregation had raised money to purchase the release of black slaves in Sudan. Once the price was paid, Rev. Hammond helped get them back to their families. It was a wonderful sight to see Rev. Hammond in the Sudan setting our sisters and brothers free. Does anyone else have info on the work that Rev. Hammond and Bethel is doing? And also how can the rest of the AME family help. God bless Rev. Hammond and Bethel A.M.E!!!!!

-- Anonymous, July 13, 2001


Greetings again in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, below I have included links to Bethel AME Boston website as well as an article on Rev Ray Hammond. Rev Hammond is a MD devoting full time to the ministry of Bethel, a co founder of the Ten-Point Coalition that confronts violence in the community and founding Pastor of Bethel-Boston (1988). His Co-Pastor is Rev Dr Gloria White-Hammond, a Pediatrician. I believe Rev Ray Hammond is son of St Paul AME and a son in the ministry of Bishop John Bryant. He started Bethel in 1988 with 5 members and God has blessed them with abundant increase. They are in the process of buying the building they use, a former private school, yet raised funds for freeing of slaves in Sudan. I do not have the info on agencies working on freeing Sudanese slaves. Be aware thet the practice is controversal, some arguing that it only increases the kidnapping of people. The recent story on Rev Hammond and the group he went to Sudan with said that such is not the case any longer.



-- Anonymous, July 16, 2001

Brother Bob, thanks for the additional information on Rev. Hammond, what a powerful witness for Christ he and his church are to the world. And it was GREAT to see an A.M.E pastor on the evening news!!!!

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2001

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