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I just bought a box of Macophot infrared film and a Lee #87 opaque filter. Has anybody had any experiance with this combination? A starting point with exposure calculations would be greatly appreciated. Since I don't see how one could possibly use the zone system I'll be using an incident light meter. I've been using Ilford ID-11 to develope my HP5 in so I thought I might as well use it for the Macophot. Any suggestions as far as dilution and development time? Thanks in advance for any help.

-- Rob Haury (, July 13, 2001


Rob, you'll find all you need here plus a reference to the MACO IR film data sheet.


-- Dave Tolcher (, July 14, 2001.


I use MACO IR with a Lee 87 filter and experience very good results, however my results are quite different than MACO's recommendations. My experience with this film is limited to the 120 size thus far, as I still have a quantity of 4x5 HIE.

With full sun my ISO is 3 and I develop it in full strength XTOL for 5 minutes at 20 C in a JOBO rotary processor at 75 RPM. The resulting neg's are beautiful and print easily.


-- Pete Caluori (, July 15, 2001.

I agree with the post above, but my speed rating is 3-7 with Lee 87 depending on the angle of light (more IR in evening) and somwhat on the weather. I use a pentaz digital spot and it is IR sensitive, so I aim it at an object them put the lee filter in front and I can more or less meter the scene contrast as I normally would. I also have a Sekonic 358 which is IR sensitive also and seems to work well. For both of these, I use ISO 100, which seems appropriate with the filter over the meter. With the film, it seems safer to overexpose. I once forgot the filter, which would be 4-5 stops over and still had some printable non-overblown highlights.

One problem I have had is very curled negs. I used normal Kodak fix, not the recommended kind. I don't know if hardener caused a problem or it is the film base. If you have an idea, I would appreciate it.

-- Michael Waldron (, July 16, 2001.

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