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I'd appreciate any feedback about using a polarizer with the first version of the 60mm Macro ElmaritR. So far as I know, I have the following options:

1) Try to find the appropriate lens hood and look for a Series 8 filter. 2) Pick up a 60mm filter and use it w/o a lens hood.

I've also heard that Leica can modify the lens to use 55mm filters but Leica in NJ didn't know what I was talking about.

Finally, since I have several lenses that use the 55mm filter, would it be possible to use a step down (lens to filter) adaptor to mount a 55mm filter on the Elmarit w/o vignetting?

TIA, Bud

-- Bud Cook (, July 13, 2001


The 60-55 step-down is perfectly viable and probably your least- expensive option as well. It does basically what the factory conversion does, adding no axial thickness to the front rim. B&H usually have the adapters in stock.

-- Jay (, July 14, 2001.

Thanks Jay, you just saved me enough money to buy a Series 7 Polarizer for my 28 ElmaritR.

-- Bud (, July 14, 2001.

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