Why dont i get a response?

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Hi. I'm very interested in starting in the dance program so I called. They took my address and all and said they'd mail me info. It's been 3 weeks now and no info!!!! WHY????????????

-- Anonymous, July 13, 2001


Hi. Yes, we have taken your name, but we have been very busy, sothe information has not been put together yet. As soon as it is we will get it out to you.

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2001

Thank you for responding!! Oh, I have another question though, is ther a uniform or what type of shoes is it that the studio wants? I have black jazz shoes and black jazz sneakers and I just wanted to know if those would be ok.

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2001

I'm not too sure about the answer to that, but our information went out today, so you should be getting it soon...Good Luck with everything! ~ Rebecca :)

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2001

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