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Hi there, I got a couple of questions about CD-R burning (MPEG-1)...I currently create VCDs using Dazzle and Adaptec software to capture and burn them. They are NTSC VHS videos. I'm going to soon start doing the same thing using a PAL player for my PAL tapes from the UK...what do I need to be aware of here? Could you please see if I've got it covered or not?

The Dazzle capture software has settings for PAL or NTSC...and so, once I've captured the source from's straightforward to compress it to mpeg-1, right? Just like I do with NTSC. No more hassles about PAL, right? Or are there?

Finally, I want to get some DVDs from the UK to play here in region 1 in Canada. I guess they won't play...I need a special DVD player (region free or multi region or something), right? Also, I want to buy a player that reads burned CD-R VCDs that I've captured and burned from NTSC video, or you reckon there's a player out there in the U.S. or Canada that will support both functions...the multi region and the CD-R Video CDs?

-- Richard Landon (, July 13, 2001


Try doing a search on EBay for Sampo DVD players. They are region free and will play diskd from anywhere in the world. Alos they are Macrovision free as well and make excellent copy sources for conversions. Cost is low too at about $65-85 U.S. Funds. SUPERB PRODUCT!

-- Stu L. (, January 09, 2003.

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