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I can't get Badlands to record .inp files. I use m37b14 Dos souund on. Is there a trick to getting this game to record properly? Thanks.

-- Zip (, July 12, 2001


Well I've just recorded and successfully played back a Badlands game using Windows MAME37b16, the commands were:

"D:\MAME\mamew.exe badlands -record badlands -resolution 1x1 -hws" to record, and
"D:\MAME\mamew.exe badlands -playback badlands -resolution 1x1 -hws" to playback

Sound was on and frameskipping was off, set in the mame.ini file. So now you can for my first place, good luck mate :-). And here's a tip for the new Windows MAME which works for me. Use the argument "-resolution 1x1" or any other specific resolution to get a crisper display rather than the default "-resolution auto". Also try experimenting using either "-hws" (hardware stretching) or "- nohws" to make games run at 100%. "-hws" is good for some games like Badlands while "-nohws" is good for others like Space Invaders and it really does make a difference to the speed. Cheers

-- LordGaz (, July 12, 2001.

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