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Hi all, I've checked around these forums and on Google but I can only find vague references about the attachment that Linhof made to convert a Technika into an enlarger.

Can anyone shed some light (sorry...bad pun!) on this doodad and what it's called, what it looks like, and what it may cost me?

-- Andrew McPhee (, July 12, 2001


The best way to do this (if you must) is with a 4x5 "GRAFLARGER" which has an Aristo cold light tube as light source. It can be used on an ordinary tripod, as I did in University. But frankly, this is a really terrible, clumsy way to go. Used 4x5 enlargers such as Omega D-2 are so cheap, and so good, that it doesn't make any sense to use your expensive technika in this manner.

-- Bill (, July 12, 2001.

Linhof made 2 versions ,a cold light head and a condenser head.It would be best to fit one on a copy stand like the Linhof universal accessory stand .These stands i have seen around but the heads i think may take some digging.If you do find one don't use an old standard lens because the heat will melt the cement between the elements. I am a bit of a Linhof freak and if i found one of these things i would buy it but i would rather use just about anything else. Only do it for fun.

-- Tim Robinson Photography (, July 13, 2001.

I saw one on ebay last week...

-- Scott Walton (, July 13, 2001.

Andrew, I second Bill's advice...get yourself a purpose built enlarger, you can pick up mint condition kit left behind by those tempted away by digital!! I would be very surprised if anyone actually uses the Linhof conversion kit, it is probably a "collectable oddity" (no offence to Linhof collectors/users). You can read plenty of old threads on the trouble some people have in aligning purpose built enlargers, so I imagine it would be a tricky job getting the Linhof to align??? But having never used one I may be proved wrong!! Good luck Paul

-- paul owen (, July 13, 2001.

Thanks for your replies everybody, I'm really only asking because of curiosity value, I realize a purpose-built enlarger is the only way to go. I guess I'll have to get this baby working and earn some $$$!

-- Andrew McPhee (, July 14, 2001.

The Linhof enlarger item you are discussing is called a Reprocord. I had purchased one several years ago. I thought it would be an easy and interesting addition to my kit -- I had a heavy duty Linhof copy stand and a Linhof Color that I used with a Zeiss Luminar Lenses -- all except the Linhof Color have long since been sold. It was one of those things that seemed like a cool idea that as a practical matter I just didn't use. The previous commentors have provided sound advice consistent with my experience. The Reprocord is an interesting if quirky piece of equipment that will run you roughly $150-250 in the open market. One is currently for sale on Ebay -- Item # 1253924973 -- and another one was sold within the last few weeks I believe.

-- Donald Brewster (, July 14, 2001.

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