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I have used for several years the Bogen 3021 with 3047 combo for my Wisner Traditional 4x5. After doing some research on this website, I bought, yesterday, a Bogen 3275. At home last night, I put the 3275 on the 3021 but am not sure about the head - it doesn't seem to have the center of gravity of the camera directly over the centerline of the tripod.

I am now thinking about returning the 3275, keeping the 3047 and maybe springing for a Gitzo 1325. As among the four pieces of equipment, is there a material difference in going from the Bogen legset to the Gitzo? Are my concerns about the Bogen 3275 head misplaced? What is the best combination? Thanks.

-- Josh Divack (, July 12, 2001


I have been using the Bogen/Manfrotto 3221 (black 3021) 3047 combo for years with Wisner 4x5 for years with no problem. Wooden Ries would be nice in really cold weather. But my 3221 is just fine, and have no reason to spend more money on a tripod. I would of course definitely go heavier if I got an 8x10.

-- John Sarsgard (, July 12, 2001.

Answering my own question, I went to B&H at lunchtime and returned the Bogen 3275 head, walked out with a Gitzo 1227 legset, and am considering a Gitzo 3-way head. I didn't like the Gitzo 1325 legset because without the center column, the legs flop all over the way I handle a tripod. I just couldn't stomach paying $827 for the 1329 much less $950 for the 1348 (and I want only 3 leg sections, not 4). The 1227 is almost 1/2 of the weight of the Bogen 3021 and is rated up to 17 pounds. With my camera, lens and tripod head weighing in at approx. 12 pounds, I am well within the capabilities of the 1227, as opposed to being right at the rated limit of the Bogen 3021. The 1329/1348, each rated at 26 pounds, seemed to be overkill and above my self-imposed spending threshhold.

-- Josh Divack (, July 12, 2001.

Josh, I've used the 3221/3275 combo for travel for years with my Zone VI 4x5 and would be quite upset to have to change. I've also used the same head (with heavier legs) for my 8x10, and the only reason I'm no longer using the former combo is that I've got a Gitzo legset with greater capacity and shorter collapsed length. My biggest regret is that I've only got one 3275 head; I'd much rather have three so I don't have to switch it from tripod to tripod whenever I do something different.

I've never had a problem with the camera's CG, and by the time I put a lens on the front end, the mounting is not that far off. Given the disparate weights of available lenses, I suspect that CG problems, if there were any, would be there with any head anyway.

It's probably irrelevant, as you have changed already. I also have the 3047 head, and while it's a nice pan/tilt head, I love the geared 3275 and would never go back to the 3047 with a view camera.


-- Anthony J. Kohler (, July 12, 2001.

I agree with Tony about the 3275- it's a great head! I used to use a really nice, heavy duty Majestic pan tilt head model 707, which I thought was nice to work with until I got the 3275. For view camera work you just can't beat geared movements for precision, especially in architectural work. The 3275 is very solid, even with the weight of my Sinar F-1. I do use it on a Bogen 3236 leg set which I believe is a bit heaver than the legs you are using, but I think the head would work well even with lighter legs.

-- David Rose (, July 12, 2001.

You're not going to like this but I just got the 1227 AND the 1329 from Robert White in the U.K. @ <$900.00 total.

-- Wayne DeWitt (, July 12, 2001.

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