Congratulations Slawek : LUSENET : MAME Action Replay : One Thread Awesome play. and to think, you're not done playing Zookeeper yet? I only fear what will happen if you move on to another game to dominate. :)

Apparently the TG record is 20,063,920. At least that score is looking more beatable now... although that invisible coconut platform stage looks like it could drain lives here and there... not to mention the "bonus" stages. (how you got away with surviving that one section on the zookeep romset amazes me)


-- BBH (, July 12, 2001


Yup I gotta agree, 5.7 million nice going! And I believe you when you say you're not done, this game has a certain something that makes you go back for more :-).

-- LordGaz (, July 12, 2001.

Great job SLA! You are an amasing player!



-- QRS (, July 13, 2001.

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