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This is my first time at this forum. Someone I know mentioned something about Aeon Flux, and that brought back memories of how the show was far better than almost any other show. I really think they should bring it back. My lack of Aeon Flux has made me very sad. I haven't seen an episode for a good couple years, at least since the last MTV Fluxathon. It would be great if the series were brought back. I say we start a movement to get it back. Recently, MTV has become a sinkhole of shallowness, without such shows as Aeon and Beavis @ Butthead. Do I really want to watch another Backdoor Boys Video? NO! I say, get rid of freakin' TRL and replace it with some good old Aeon getting herself killed again and again! What is almost as bad, is that multiple Flux computer games have announced over the years, AND EVERY ONE IS CANCELLED! Does the general public hate this great peice of art, or what? If anyone knows of an Aeon game currently in production, please tell me. If not, I could probably help organize a mod crew to release an Aeon mod sometime in the future, for an upcoming game like Unreal 2 or something. Next step, I need to get down to a video rental and see if they have the videos there... If none of them do, I'll seriously snap. The body count could number in the thousands. At least until I can find the boxed set in a video store or something. -Cryoburner AIM/Yahoo - Cryoburner3000

-- Cryoburner (, July 12, 2001


well its not a case of 'people' hating aeon flux and it not re- surfacing, its the men with the money who sign the papers who cant get their heads around a show which doesnt give you the answers you want it to and which doesnt pull in No1 slot in the ratings. apparently if youre not The Best then youre not worth making. I think that having an audience of ANY proportion is indicative of success. anyhow, Im ranting again. no good news on Aeon having her own game but some funky funsters have designed Aeon, erm, avatars (Im not up on my terminology, sorry) for Quake. or Doom. god I feel old. I can find the url for you if you want it...

-- Steve (, July 12, 2001.

Van Gogh only ever sold one painting to his brother Theo. Bad art sells WAY more than good...ask any designer who sells paintings to match the couch.

-- Barb e. (, July 16, 2001.

I thought Van Gogh gave all his paintings to his brother's widow and her son (his nephew) and although she would have loved to have kept them all, she sold them as was necessary when she needed the money.???

-- pixi (, July 17, 2001.

Well, not one but all his works were given by Vincent to Theo. Theo accepted after some hesitation a proposal made by Vincent for Theo to consider all works sent to him as his own property, so that the money sent to Vincent monthly of 150 francs would become a purchase price rather than a gift or loan.

-- Barb e. (, July 18, 2001.

haha most likely ya'll don't remember me... but i still check up on this forum... anyways... i have played with the aeon flux model for quake 2... its really some amazing graphics...... if u could put similar stuff into a aeon mod.... wow, it'd be amazing.... if u can do that please do... there has to be some aeon entusiasts intrested in it.... please let me know about it

-- Dann (, August 01, 2001.

Wow, let me touch the hem of your garment, and please..sit down and tell us about that game!!!

-- Barb e. (, August 02, 2001.

you can check out aeons unofficial incarnation for quake 3 arena here; if this link doesnt work outright then shave it down to and follow the trail...

-- steve (, August 02, 2001.

Oooooh! Dann and Steve, you guys get some pixi dust for such wonderful info. Now you know what to do, think happy thoughts.... :)

-- pixi (, August 03, 2001.

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