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Hi folks, You must be tired of all my Arca and Polaroid questions by now; please bear with me. I successfully shot a bunch of 665 negs with the 6x9 Arca, and thought all my problems were over, ha! Until today, when I was shooting a scene with extreme shift and moderate rise and kept getting vignetting in the upper right hand corner. I never had any vignetting with the same shot (I keep going back to the same building) on 6x9 rollfilm, even though I used even more extreme shift for those. So my conclusion is that it's not the lens coverage (65/5.6 Super Angulon), it's the fact that the 665 neg is actually bigger than the entire ground glass.

It seems there is no solution except to avoid using much shift, or buying the Arca 4x5 rear standard; then I might as well use Type 55, and declare bankruptcy.

Am I analyzing this situation correctly?

-- Sandy Sorlien (, July 11, 2001


Sandy: Indeed, the image area of the AS Polaroid back is significantly larger than the image area of both a 5x9 rollfilm holder and the groundglass. In most cases, except in your extreme shift case, the extra room is usable.

-- Glenn C. Kroeger (, July 12, 2001.

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