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My father in law and a friend along with there guide were found dead on the Mt Blanc 07/07/01. Another member of the group is presumed dead. They were attempting to go from Cosmique to the summit and then to another hut which I don't have the name. As I understand this is a high Altitude hike but involves on mounaineering. The details of the accident are unclear but basically its like this: bad weather had been forcasted for the afternoon for several days (fon )?? winds, and preciptation. When they left 2am there was already a lot of wind and clouds to the south. By 5 am the Cosmique was in the clouds. They reached the summit about 2pm! The guide radiod for help. By this time wind speed was in excess of 130kms per hour and temp was -30 to -35C. The guide my father and another person were found 100 to 200m from the summit. On that day 30 people intended to do this trip 22 returned od did not even leave the hut. Two Swiss guides with clients made it over the summit by 7am My question can anybody give me some sort of explination as to what could have happened? 1 Why would the guide have gone out in such conditions? 2 Why did he not turn back to Cosmique? 3 Why did he wait until 3pm to call for help? 4 Why were the group uncorded or un roped? 5 Why would my father not have had a harness on(the only one without one)? 6 Why would a guide not listen to the advice of the hut manger who suggested that they not go out that day?

This was a trip of 4 grandads aged 55 to 65 who were not gung-ho types and would not have had any problem to turn back.

We are lost on this any information on this accident or ideas on this trip would be very much appreciated. Thanks


-- (, July 10, 2001


Nicholas --

I have no information but would like to offer my condelascens. I am very sorry about your loss. Warm thought sent your way.


-- Jeff Huber (, July 13, 2001.

Condolences... out of curiosity, what sort of guide was the guide - was he an official guide from one of the Compagnies, or someone ad-hoc? Eric.

-- Eric Flattier (, July 14, 2001.

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