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Okay guys! I have finally had time to come back and post! lol! Sorry I haven't updated in a while! I will try to do it tonight but that might be pushing it so I might have to do it tomorrow! I hope you don't mind!

Anyways I got the pic and letter a few days ago. A friend that I have pulled a few strings and got my letter read! Heath wrote back and it just said Thanx for being a great fan and that the fans made it worth it all and that he would look forward to hearing from me at a chat he is doing with my friends fan club. The pic is the one of him on my hotpics 1 page of him in the race against drugs car but it is an upclose. It is so adorable! I will post the pic and letter as soon as I get my new scanner!

Okay if you guys wanna be in the fan club I am gonna need all of you tom send me your name, age, home state, and birthdate. You don't have to give me your last name cuz I know some peeps aren't comfortable with that! That will be it! Then we will go from there! Well I hope you guys enjoyed my very long and boring letter! lol Sorry for writin so much!

Thanx a bunch!

-- Anonymous, July 10, 2001

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