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Well the votes are in and here are our new Connectional Leaders for the next two years. Congratulations should be extended not only to the winners but the "losers" as well. How one handles defeat is a clear indicator about your ability to manage victory [Dickensian philosophy :-)]. The winners from yesterday's election results are:

President: Arthur Brown [3] 1st Vice-President: Jessie Burns [11] 2nd Vice- " Thomas Green [9] 3rd Vice " Weldon Schuman [15] Recording Secretary: *Lauren McMillan [8] Asst. " " : Gloria Cobb [7] Corresponding " : *Doris Bell [13] Treasurer : *Joe Ezell [4] Financial-Secretary: Darwin Eldridge [13] Chaplain: *Roosevelt Mitchell [7] Historiographer: Frank Gilyard, Sr. [1] Parliamentarian: *Fred Stewart [5] Dir.Lay Activities: Florence Warren [2] Dir. Public Relations: Eileen Warner [11]

* <> uncontested election race

I would urge that we prayerfully lift up these Ambassadors of Christ and seek God's Divine Providential Care to lead them in the right direction about the edification of the Body of Christ and the continued spiritual development of our AME Laity. We can all help by becoming active in our respective local lay organizations. The Lay organization provides the only forum for understanding what the AMEC is really about both from a theological and organizational perspective. Jesus said the harvest is truly plentiful but the laborers are few. This eternal truth succinctly captures the current status of the Lay. So, let's get busy! QED

-- Anonymous, July 10, 2001


7/12/01 I just returned home from the Lay Connectional Meeting in Jacksonville, Florida. The sessions I attended were quite informative. Met old friends and made new ones. The noon day meditations by Rev. McKissick were tremendous, and should be heard by all. I want to congratulate all the new officers who were elected for the next two years. I'm particularly excited because I am the pastor of Bro. Frank Gilyard, the newly elected Historiographer. I wish him well and pray that his tenure will be a productive one. Let me say that I am the pastor of Bethel AME Church, Reading, Pa. Bro. Gilyard is the founder of our church Musuem at our Old Bethel Church in Reading. We are part of the historical underground railroad, and we would like to invite AME's from around the world to come to Reading,Pa to view the pit where slaves were hidden at our Old bethel Church. God bless you. You can get in touch with us or with Bro. Gilyard at 330 W. Windsor Street, Reading, Pa. 19601 Call us at (610) 376-7555 or fax us at (610) 376-6628

-- Anonymous, July 12, 2001

Correction....The Connectional Lay Officers were elected for the next FOUR YEARS....not two years. Also noteworthy...3rd Vice President Weldon Schuman is from the 15th EPISCOPAL DISTRICT.

-- Anonymous, July 17, 2001


Thanks for the correction.

-- Anonymous, July 19, 2001

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