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Reciently I managed to get a couple of lenses - 1: Agfa-gevaert AG super-intergon 1:9/210mm 2: Same only 1:9/305mm

Can any one help me with respect to coverage and the quality of these lenses? Thanks.

-- Bob Agg (, July 10, 2001


The 210mm is said to cover 5x7" and the 305 is supposed to cover 8x10". I have no idea of angle of view or image circle, but I would presume, since they are process-type lenses, that they would cover more stopped down, but this is a guess. Lens and Repro, large format store in NYC, says they are "super sharp". An aquaintance has the 305 and says the same. This is all I know.

-- Rob Tucher (, July 10, 2001.

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