need 34mm drop in filters for FD 300/4.0L : LUSENET : Canon FD : One Thread

Hi all: Does anyone know of a source for these 34mm drop in filters? I need the Sklylight, ND2L and/or ND4L. Any help would be appreciated.

I heard that someone on LUSENET was attempting to even create his own 34mm drop in circular polarizer, like the one Canon makes for the EOS lenses. Any luck?

Thanks. Edward

-- edward (, July 10, 2001


I have no answer to this old question. But, I am looking for a crip in filter for my FD 300 F4 lens. Does anyone know if these were even made. Canon is a total waste when it comes to products they discard. You have to give the Nikon people credit for supporting photographers who use their products.

I use this lens so very little because I don't have a polarizer filter for it. I can get a 77mm to fit in there, but it is too small to screw in. I'd appreciate any help with this.

-- Michael Richards (, March 15, 2002.

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