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Hi everyone,

I have a Sony MiniDV camcorder and a 700MHz notebook with FireWire port.

What software will let me do real-time capturing directly to a MPEG file on my notebook?

Need help.

-- Li Wang (, July 09, 2001


I think VideoWave 4 (latest version is 4) should do it. But did you not get VideoWave III SE with your firewire product. I got my VideoWave III SE with my firewire but i want to use the program to capture using analog video (from VCR). and directly to MPEG1. But I am stuck that i cannot select the capture format not i have any templets.

-- rtri (, July 09, 2001.

I doubt that there is a software that can compress DV video fast enough to MPEG in real time. A dual 1.5GHz machine may be able to achieve that speed. However, there are some HW encoder card that can capture to MPEG in real time.

-- ktnwin (, July 11, 2001.

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