Unrecognized AVI format

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I have tried to use a variety of tools (MediaCleaner, WinMedia Encoder, Real Encoder) to work with an AVI file. But nothing recognizes this particular AVI file. The error dialog says it needs a codec I don't have. What is the problem, and how do I deal with it?

-- Jeffrey Epstein (jepstein@sfcg.org), July 09, 2001


If you downloaded an AVI off of the Web it may that you will need to install the DivX codec to view it. It can be downloaded from vcdhelp.com.

-- me (snake_mountain@hotmail.com), July 09, 2001.

I have captured a powerpoint presentation with effect sound through Microsoft camcorder and then converted this avi file to mpeg file through avi2vcd converter. But this mpeg file is not playing on Windows media player or any other video player. The screen is black but the player seems to be running. Which format India supports, PAL , NTSC or FILM< ??? SOS please

-- chhavi kumar (chhaviarya@rediffmail.com), January 28, 2002.

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