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I'm trying to create a photo album in WinOnCD 3.8 PE. I did it one time as a test and it worked. I tried later and now the software won't work.

It creates the photo album just like it should and it tests OK in the program but when I burn the CD... the MPGAV and SEGMENT directories have .dat files in them but they are zero in size?

Is there a setting I need to check? The program shows my photo album but it's not getting to the CD. Anything special I need to do to the pictures?

I have already reloaded the software and updates but still the same thing!

Thanks, JS

-- Jeff Smith (, July 09, 2001


I'm making Photo album using winOnCD PE and there seems to be no problem. I've made two albums and run perfectly. I think there must have been a problem with your installation. Try reinstalling.

-- Alejandrino P. Siccion Jr (, July 15, 2001.

I made a slideshow consisting of 350 digital photos with WINONCD 3.8 Power Edition complete with 35 mins of music.The pictures on the television look great(almost like DVD resolution).Played VCD on Philips VCD player.

-- Zainal (, July 15, 2001.

I also used Winoncd 3.8, but can't play on TV, only play on IE.

-- gary (, August 25, 2001.

Hi Gary,

There is a check box on one of the menus for the photoalbum to also create teh VCD player files. You need to check this to add the player so it will work on a DVD player

-- Jeff Smith (, August 25, 2001.

i'm using winoncd3.8 and all of my photos are getting cropped, can anyone help me with this? thanks ryan

-- ryan (, December 10, 2001.

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