Have their been times in your life when you knew it was the hand of God that intervened on your behalf?

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Hi, everyone, may the peace of Christ be with you! Today in church during our prayer time, one of our members thanked God for saving his life. Over the weekend he had gone hiking alone in a remote area, and turned a corner and there stood a Grizzly bear, he said he was so scared he could not get his pepper spray out of his back bag. He said he started to pray and the bear walked away. Now for those of you in the city, this sounds bizarre. But I live in mountains of Montana, and their are four national forests within 15 minutes of town, so hiking in the mountains is an everyday occurance. One of the things my member said was that he felt the hand of God on him. Usually when a bear gets that close he will attack. So beside the praise, my question is: have you ever been in a (P.S I have never encountered a bear, but I have run into a moose.)

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2001


Oops I left out one portion of my question, posted above. Have you ever been in a life threatening position where you knew the hand of God was protecting you? Sorry I was remembering my encounter with the moose;-)

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2001

During the fall of 1973, departing Chattanooga, Tn going up Monte Eagle Mountain. The fog was thick. Something inside me, told me to come to a complete stop. Then I heard the voice over the CB on Channel Nineteen "Whoever is behind me, I'm glad that you stopped!" It was the voice of a driver of an 18 Wheeler with his 4 way flaskers on." If I had not listened to the voice that told me to stop completely, I owuld have run under the rear of the trailer." In hospital visitations the hand of GOD has been with me preventing me from laying hands on a woman to have prayer. At the time my faith level was not strong. I was fatigued by making rounds as the typical preacher. As usual I would make physical contact on ones forehead or arm or hand, with my right hand to have prayer. But on one occasion The Holy Spirit indicated "Do not touch this woman". I understood why long story short the woman was demon possessed.

Lastly, back in 1990, I received a call to join a Church of God minister,and a deacon in the Roman Catholic Church at the Physch Ward at a Hospital. The Doctor informed us taht there was nothing Physically, or Mentally wrong with the patient but an exorcism had to be performed. The hand of GOD was with us.

GOD has been very good to me!

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2001

Good question! It has happened too many time s to count but three occasions come to mind. First, my eldest son Michael, 3 years of age at the time (who is now 45) was ill and was choking on his tongue when I received a call from home. They didn't have 911 then. As I road home on my motorscooter, I asked God to take my life instead of Michael's. God sent a neighbor who knew what to do. I forgot about the incident. Twenty years later, God came to me and said, I want your life. I want you to be my preacher. The two other times were possible fatal automobile collisions that left me totally untouched. One on a narrow road in France, drunk and driving too fast. What appeared to be headon collision with a French 2cv car turned out to be a 180 degree spin with me heading back to base where I went. The last was a 1978 El Camino. I went to sleep and awakened to see a telephone pole directly in front of me. The only damage was a large finger print on the right side of the vehicle. I still have that vehhicle.

I'm still not sure why He has loved me so much but you can bet, I'm grateful

Blessing Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2001

Yes! Shortly after graduating from Naval Officer Candidate School, Newport, R.I. in Dec. 1983. This old fool was traveling down 95 south and it began to snow lightly when I arrived in New York City. My car skidded a little when I touched my brakes . Being inexperienced in driving in the snow, I was amazed and shocked when I realized that just a little bit of snow is dangerous when driving. When I approached South Bronx along 95 south, the traffic came to a complete standstill. Then, after an hour at a complete standstill, I realized that I was going to have to sleep in my 1980 Honda Accord that night in the middle of traffic. I understand that 14 feet of snow felled that night in New York City. Fortunately, for me , I had an army sleeping bag in my car that my sister had given me years earlier. The next morning, cars were covered with snow and their were New York City policemen walking up and down the interstate checking on our safety. If it had not been for that sleeping bag, I might have frozen to death and if God had not stopped me in my tracks, I might have killed myself driving on the snow. The next morning, I hit the car ignition once and it started and I drove straight home. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!!


-- Anonymous, July 09, 2001

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