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does any1 know how to switch avi movies to mpeg2 movies o i cam play them on my playstation2,thanks

-- m (, July 08, 2001


Playstation 2 requires a plug in to play vcd. Avi's need to be encoded with TMPgc to get it in mpeg1 format. Than burn it to vcd (easiest to use Adaptec 4.0) Get the plug in and wala. (i have little knoledge about playstation 2 except that i read alot from other sites.

-- HP (, July 08, 2001.

Everything I've read indicates that PlayStation doesn't support CD-R media. While it is possible to convert avi to MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 (see, I doubt you'll be able to play anything you burn on your PlayStation.

-- Jason (, July 09, 2001.

Different versions of the original playstation had varying levels of pickiness. They were sorted by ranges of serial numbers, of which yours can be found on the bottom. (see any of the mod chip sites for more details on this) I had one of the original ones and it is the most finicky. The differentiating factor is the brand name and type of the CDR media. I tried burning a test image onto several different types of media- green (maxell), silver (from, blue (verbatim and mitsui) and gold(mitsui gold). Only the gold actually worked, even though my recorder verified that each of them had burned correctly. Incidentally, I was able to play the others running Connectix's Virtual Game Station on my Powerbook, so I know the CD's were good. It's just that the hardware mechanism wouldn't read the media. BTW, the playstation was chipped about two years ago with a chip from I say all this, even though it seems to be off topic, because it really is relevant. I'm sure that the playstation2's mechanism can show similar preferences when it comes to CDR media. Also know that Sony isn't stupid. They have been playing leapfrog with all the companies that make the mod chips. The only problem they have is that the turn around time for a new mod chip is faster than ROMS/BIOS for the PS1/2. Back to the original question... It would seem that if you spring for the pioneer DVD burner (AKA the "superdrive" in Apple's new G4 machines) that you could burn totally normal (i.e. fully compliant) DVD disks, which the PS2 (albeit the media type limitations discussed above) would not be able to differentiate. Hope that sheds some insight...

-- Troye Welch (, October 06, 2001.

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