Unicolor 8x10 drum

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Does anyone know where I can get new replacement gaskets for my Unicolor 8x10 processing drums?

-- Carl Couchman (pdu111@yahoo.com), July 07, 2001


Try using bathroom caulking. Squeeze a good amount of it under the old gasket and attach lid. Let dry and disassemble. Worked on one of my 8x10 lids. Still functions well with no dripping. James

-- james (james_mickelson@hotmail.com), July 07, 2001.

Colonial Photo & Hobby (407)841-1485 in Orlando Fla has some Unicolor gaskets in stock. I don't know offhand what size they are, could be both sizes.

-- John Hicks (jbh@magicnet.net), July 07, 2001.

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