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Hello All

I have been looking at the Wollensak Verito or Veritar for 8x10 (~14 inch). I have old catalog descriptions of both, but I can't get at what the practical difference between them was meant to be. Anybody know? Thanks.

Jeff Buckels, Albuquerque

-- Jeff Buckels (jeffbuck@swcp.com), July 07, 2001


Hi Jeff - From what I have been able to gather - the Verito lens was an earlier lens. The Veritos had a maximum aperture of F4 and the Veritars were F6. The Veritars were coated and corrected for color photography while the Veritos weren't. Both achieve soft focus at full aperture and progressively sharpen as stopped down. I hope this helps! - John

-- john nanain (jak@gis.net), July 07, 2001.

Hi again Jeff - After I pressed "submit" I realized I forgot to post this - I am not exactly sure about this but I think the 14" Veritar lenses can be mounted in a shutter other than a Packard Shutter, while the 14" Verito lens either has an olde "studio shutter", or it can be used with a Packard Shutter .... I think....

- John

-- john nanian (jak@gis.net), July 07, 2001.

That would most likely be true. A 14"/f:4.0 lens wouldn't fit into an Ilex #5 without losing a stop (though turning it into a 14"/f:5.6 lens wouldn't necessarily be an unreasonable compromise, in return for getting a shuttered lens).

-- David Goldfarb (dgoldfarb@barnard.edu), July 08, 2001.

I have the "Wollensak Rochester Verito 14-1/2" Diffused Focus F4" No. 8585 lens. It is in a Wollensak #4 Studio shutter. The shutter is built like a tank, with an open-close preview lever, stepless aperture ring, F4-6-11-16-22-32-45, and a heavy duty pneumatic bulb, hose, and actuator. No speeds per se, but the shutter stays open untill you release or the bulb goes leakdown. The lens-barrel is easily 3.5" wide X 6" deep. Can't comment on performance. The glass is perfect but I never shot with it (yet).

-- david o'connor (dco@definitive-security.com), July 08, 2001.

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