Missouri Ozark Homestead (For Sale)

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Missouri Ozarks Homestead offered for sale. 43.5 acres of lush rolling hills, fenced and cross fenced for rotational grazing, 3 year old house, older farm house, 3 barns, chicken coop, other out buildings, root cellar, organic raised bed garden, 2 wells Property Taxes last year were 250.00 about 45 miles to Springfield or Branson .... please visit out web site for more details.. http://www.rockinredranch.com

-- Ginny Davis (yehagirl@rockinredranch.com), July 07, 2001



Wish we could buy your place in MO but that's out of the question right now. Anyway, just wanted to tell you we think you have a great website. Not only all the pictures of your animals for sell but it is a great help with all the info. on animal care and about vaccinations in you link area. I hope a lot of people get the chance to check it out and I hope you sell your place soon - it looks wonderful!!

-- Terry - NW Ohio (aunt_tm@hotmail.com), July 08, 2001.

I looked at your farm before we bought this one here in AR. It was a little out of our price range then...... still drooled over it, LOL:):0 It has exactly what we needed, a dairy milking barn, we raise goats. But we found a lovely farm here near yellville, near Bull Shoals Lake. We are in the process now of converting the huge metal shop into a milk/tank room so we can start shipping milk soon. I love the offices in it and the fact it has a bathroom. We also got a sawmill thrown in on the deal too, used to be a small custom cut sawmill here.

But when i saw your post I looked yesterday and said, "Oh gee.... its just in the price range now." Oh well.... Good luck selling it, its a very lovely farm.

-- Bernice (geminigoats@yahoo.com), July 08, 2001.

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