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I've just processed some films (120 & 4x5) in Pyrocat-hd for the first time. I am reasonably happy with the results, but has anybody out there got any advice on developing times for various films, 4x5 & 120. I am using a condenser enlarger and an alkali fixer. Thanks for any help. Pete.

-- Pete Watkins (, July 06, 2001


Pete, I've been using pyrocat HD for 6-7 months for all my work (4x5"). It replaces PMK, quit well I might add. My method of processing is the jobo tank for 6 sheets. I use it 10cc A+10cc B + 1350cc water at 80F. Agitation constant for 1 min, then 10 sec every min. Times are: FP4+ (exposed 125) 6:15 min BPF (exposed 250) 5:30 min

I don't check my films with a densitometer, but they work well for me. I print usually on bergger NB and Ilford MGFB glossy, graded 2- 2.5, on a besseler with aristo cold light. hope this helps and good luck,

Hagai Kaufman Tel Aviv Israel

-- Hagai Kaufman (, July 06, 2001.

I have an article about Pyrocat-HD on my web site, as well as times for a few films. I have found that the times are virtually equivalent to those for PMK, and I give times for many films in PMK. All my developing times are for a cold light head, so you will want to back off a minute or two on most of them.

-- Ed Buffaloe (, July 07, 2001.

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