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I am a month post op from total knee relacement (left) and would like to know which mechanical training devices are most recommended for sustaing strength of the joint and also longevity of the prothesis. I currently have a rower, spinning bike, and a stepper. I have been told that the stepper may not be the best mechanism to use after a knee replacement. I would welcome any comments addressing my concern. Thank you.

-- William Joslin (, July 06, 2001


Response to the best rehab and maintenance (mechanical) long-term for total knee replacement

The most important thing is to stay active and try to maintain flexion of your knee. All of the machines you mentioned will help, but I think the bike is the best. Since you want to work on flexion, you should lower the seat of your bike. With the stair stepper it is difficult to flex past 90 degress. You also want to avoid activities that put a large impact load on your knee. The rower is good if you really get that knee to flex. Good Luck, work hard.

Paul Khanuja, MD

-- Paul Khanuja,MD (, July 09, 2001.

I had a total knee replacement ten months ago. I had weak muscles due to long inactivity. I now go to the gym and use recumbent bicycle, a machine where you sit with your feet up in front of you on a square thing and push it away from you, and a machine where you put your legs on a roller and push it down and back. The physical therapist told me not to use the one where you put your legs under the roller and push it up because that isn't good for kneecaps with a replaced knee joint. I started out with light weights on the machines and very few repetitions, just as much as was comfortable. I still use light weights and have slowly increased the number of repetitions. I am now up to 35 reps on all of the machines. My muscles are a lot stronger than they were. The recumbent bicycle seems excellent because you get the exercise without the weight on the joint. (Actually, my knee joint isn't in right for the shape of my original joint, and I am getting second opinions on what to do about it. In spite of that, my leg muscles are still stronger than before.)

-- Iola Bean (, May 29, 2003.

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I have had my misaligned knee implant, which was put in a year and a half ago replaced a month ago, replaced again. Now that it works correctly, I will again go to the orientation class for the gym at the Senior Center. The trainers I have talked to seem very knowledgeable about which machines are good to use with the problems we have. My physical therapist has also been helpful in telling me which machines are best to use. Iola Bean

-- Iola Bean (, December 19, 2003.

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