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-- Chuck Tomlinsoin (, July 06, 2001


Bemused asked where all the trivia in our heads comes from every week. Continuing research, I suppose. I can't remember a time that I wasn't constantly listening to music and reading up the stuff I liked. And I learn new stuff from friends and our whip-smart listeners all the time.

Don't be fooled by the lightning quick chart numbers and years we throw around. Most definitely we have reference material. The only book that's in the studio nearly every week is Joel Whitburn's "Top Pop" which contains info on any song that's ever been on the Billboard Hot 100 singles charts.

Whitburn's books are the standard by which all other chart books are measured. He and his climate-controlled super-secret underground vault of music are in Menomonie Falls, WI. For more info:

-- Chuck Tomlinson (, July 06, 2001.

Howdy-doo! Joel here! Regarding the "where does all that trivia come from" question, I have to say that, being a sickly and geeky child, I watched a LOT of TV, and read a LOT of books and magazines growing up. And listened to the radio when we drove around in the car, which was often. It helps to be a polymath when you're on the radio--you can yammer on about pretty much anything and sound like you know what you're talking about. ;-)

-- Joel Stitzel (, July 06, 2001.

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