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I propose a naming convention for mamew uploads. Currently, i believe users are confused with the two options "dos/win/other mame" and "mame32". I think one should be added or re-labeled "mamew", including changing the upload filename string for those recordings.

*Actually, I'm not even sure which selection mamew recordings fall under but i suspect it's the mame32 selection. But since the mame32 gui program was called mame32 for so long, I'm not sure. Also, I think the name of the mame string for the mamew recordings such as m37b17 and win37b17 should reflect something like "m37b17w" or "mw37b17". Potentially we could have three recordings for the same game that only playback with each of three mame versions (windows unofficial mame) win37b17 (dos mame) m37b17 or mamew (m37b17w).

I bring this up because of timmikins latest bullfight recording; i was unable to playback it in dos mame, but mamew plays it back ok with out frameskipping. But he uploaded it as a "m37b17" which means dos mame to me.

I don't know where the vote went to banish unofficial windows version recordings or not [gb9?]. but if those aren't banished yet: we need three possible selections per version to make submiting easier to find the selection users recored with. two exist now (dos) m37b17 (win) win37b17, but I think we need to add one more (mamew) m37b17w.

We could just change the name of the selection from mame32 to mamew but then recordings that are called might confuse backplayer's thinking it was recorded with the mame32 GUI program thing (since that's the way it's always been since they changed mame recently), when it really was recorded with the mamew commandline program.

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2001


Given that Mame32 is now being changed to be nothing more than a front-end to MameW then we can probably remove Mame32 as an option for submitting recordings with and "replace" it with MameW.

ie: Irrespective of whether they use a dos box command line, a shorcut target line or Mame32 to launch the MameW program should make no difference to the playback-a-bility of that recording in much the same way as it doesn't matter what means was used to launch the DOS version of Mame.

Cheers, BeeJay.

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2001

correct! however, if mamelang (unnoficial mame32 win mames) are compiled differently than dos mame and the new mame32, and mamelang can still be considered win37bXX. So, if unnoficial mame32's are still out there that are compiling with the old mame32 format for new versions, we really need three distinct "mamever" names m37b17, mw37b17, win37b17 for these possible mamever upload types since they could all playback differently based on the program you've recorded with.

If mamelang and other unofficial mame32's are NOT going to be a front end program (and be compiled on a separate tree than mamew) we need three, otherwise we just change mame32 to mamew.

If we just change mame32 to mamew, I also think we should change the "shortmamever" format of new mamew recordings from win37b17 to m37b17w to eliminate legacy playback problems. If we don't do this people will have to "remember" when mame32 crossed over to mamew, and we all know how hard it is to figure out at which version mame made a drastic change.

-- Anonymous, July 06, 2001

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