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Monica is an anarchic "state", right? There has never been an anarchic state in our world but several attempts to create one have been made. During the Spanish civil war there was anarchists fighting against the fascists. Unfortunately the anarchists refused to cooperate with anyone else so this gave the fascists the upper hand (of course the nazis of Germany sent weapons). When the Czar lost power in imperial Russia there was also anarchists who wanted Russia to be the first anarchic country. Of course the communists thought otherwise and ruled for the next 80 years. Which brings me to my question. Would Monica survive without Aeon Flux? In my opinion a country ruled by strong leaders will always defeat an anarchic country, as history has shown to us. Nothing would stop the Breens if Aeon was lost. Makes you wonder. I guess invading Monica isn't in Trevor's sphere of interests, possibly because of his relationship to Aeon.

-- Vercingetorix (, July 05, 2001


My take is this: Monica is a fantasy form of anarchy in which the citizens unite to rule themselves, a cooperative system of national support. I have no doubt that Monicans would rise up united against the Breens if they chose to attack or take over. Aeon, I think, is only one of the many, and not very special, despite the fact that she has her own show and that we adore her. I suspect that many Monicans are very much along her lines...

-- Mat Rebholz (, July 05, 2001.

Was it ever actually stated that Monica is actually an anarchist nation? I just remember them saying there is no head of state. Aeon herself seems to be, but it is possible that Monica is a democracy with few rules, and a direct form of government, as opposed to a representational one (ie; the united states) High enough advances in technology could provide the communications needed to give every person say on how the nation is run, as well as the computers to keep track of everyone's opinions and all the issues.

I bet the thought of that makes all elected officials want to restablish their nation as a Luddite state.

Something to think about (unless I missed what must have been a very brief mention in one of the episodes.)

Hey! Get away from me with that thought helmet!!! ARGH!

-- ChaosKnight (, July 05, 2001.

I will scan and upload this Aeon Bible intro. asap, it describes some of this and it might answer up some questions :-)

-- William (, July 05, 2001.

Yes ChaosKnight, but this would mean everyone would have to devote themselves to the issues and sacrifice part of their free time(it probably works in Monica). We(if we wanted something similar) would all have to be "politicians". I wouldn't mind at all but I've read in a book that this is why we choose representatives(don't believe all you read). In smaller villages of Switzerland they have "direct democracy" with "Ayes" and "Neys". (The Ayes have it!) Unbelievably women weren't allowed to vote until the late 1980's (no bull!). Never mind, I'm perfectly satisfied with your answers. So Aeon is just another Monican? I like that.

-- Vercingetorix (, July 06, 2001.

"Disrecognized Space is the official designation of unknown territories (unofficially known as Monica) adjacent to Bregna, though we are by no means on unfriendly terms with "Monica" we nevertheless acknowledge the spectre of a National Identity Crisis that makes certain measures necessary"...from a recent "analysis" commissioned by the ministry of Information of Bregna for the new Goodchild administration" (excerpt from the Herodotus File). With this view in mind, one can easily imagine a large cycloptic glance in the direction of that 'space', and the inevitable attempt to organize it by 'absorption' into Bregna, as it suggests lack of respect for those people and their chosen self-styled government. Bregna with its use of ever increasing technology through the use of scientific advancements would seem a monster to the Monicans on the other side of the wall, and Aeon seems to capture the spirit more of a movement of Luddites and more, a people who see their freedom threatened by the dark shadow of totalitarianism so close at hand. Aeon to me seems to spearhead a movement, as she seems to devote herself to the destruction of any and all of Trevor's plans, even when they are genuine advancements for the human race. I think another 'Aeon' would eventually take her place. Trevor's feelings for her are due to his admiration of her quality of spirit.

-- Barb e (, July 06, 2001.

I don't have the Herodotus File. You're too kind Barb.

-- Vercingetorix (, July 06, 2001.

Try as I may I cannot fathom your reference to my 'kindness'...since I was discussing the inevitable need for the Monican revolution, and besides Aeon's dying is a rudimentary plot element on that show. Monica doesn't exist without Aeon.

-- Barb e (, July 08, 2001.

Sorry, my fault.

-- Vercingetorix (, July 08, 2001.

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