What is a Arca Swiss MicroMetric?

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This afternoon someone asked me what a 4x5 Arca Swiss Micro Metric is. I was baffled as I never heard of one. I am familiar with the F-Line Metric and the Orbix, but never heard of an Arca Swiss Micro-Metric.

Anyone know?


-- Michael J. Kravit (mkravit@kravit.net), July 05, 2001


well...there's a manfrotto micrometric focusing rail?

sometimes used on Arca-Swiss ballheads :)

Haven't heard of it, sorry.

-- edward kang (ekang@cse.nd.edu), July 05, 2001.

Micro Metric is a geared version of the Orbix tilt. Not yet available from Arca.

-- Jeff Taugner/ Badger Graphic Sales (info@badgergraphic.com), July 05, 2001.

Thanks Jeff, I was sure that someone knew the answer.


-- Mike Kravit (mkravit@kravit.net), July 05, 2001.

try this link, arca don't have any web site : http://www.thefstop.com/equipment/new/arca/cs.html

-- dg (sacripant@online.fr), July 06, 2001.

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