hello from him, and hello from me

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Hello, where are you now? still missin g jaffa's and is you table service that bad people have to e mail u about it????

did u know that yes we r doing a BBC mini seris ( well turning into epic ) of how to decorate ur own dive.......

Oh whats the chicken thing????

we stay v. close to trian station, will u fly in or is ur swimming REALlY good, when r u back??

New Zealand eh? You must need new music soon!

-- grant & paul (toaster@bushinternet.com), July 05, 2001


Yo YO YO!!! First of all, NZ is home of bad music so if you care to do me a little compilation tape of some decent UK vibes I would be even more you bestest friends! Well, I'm learning how to snowboard, juggle and play the guitar....and you should check me out with my 'balls' on the piste! I hope Edinburgh's treating you both well....sunny....hot...summer....I remember the days when NZ was like that some months ago! Hoping to come back for a few months next year...and definitely want to catch up with you then! Miss you, Clare.xxxxx

-- Clare Brennan (clareyb1@hotmail.com), July 09, 2001.

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