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I need help with vcd mpeg synchronicity. I've captured several movies (approx 2hrs)directly to vcd using Creative's VideoBlaster. When I edit the video using Ulead Vid Studio or almost anyother software including TMPGEnc I always get asynchronous results. How can I synchronize the Video and Audio without rendering the entire file again?

-- Atom Ant (, July 04, 2001


Try demuxing the files in TMPGenc and then remuxing them using a VCD template. No guarantees this will fix your problem, but it's easy enough to give it a shot.

-- Jason (, July 09, 2001.

Thanks Jason, I've tried that with no success.

-- Atom Ant (, July 11, 2001.

I use PowerVCR or MYFlix, but PowerVCRII is not frame nor GOP accurate, and MyFlix is, but Im having problems burning xvcd's (with any program) with Mpegs captured with Ati MMC.

-- f*ck-it (, October 22, 2001.

For those searching: The Creative Labs Video Blaster Captures all audio at 32k, not 44.1k or 48k. While still in the MPEG specification, its not common, and lots of codecs don't expect it - resulting in playing the audio at 44.1k - meaning . I'm still testing solutions - and creative labs has told me "we won't aid pirates like you" when I attempted to contact them . There is a audio sample rate specified in the poollist.btp file, and I intend to play around with it to determine effect.

This, however, cannot account for all effects. This should result in the audio >leading< the video, which does not always happen.

While AVI's may not have the sync frames, the MPEG2 files that dvrexport.exe creates should damn well have accurate rendering, and it's unexcuseable that audio drift occurs, and even less excuseable that anyone who contacts creative labs inquiring about archiving recordings is labled a >pirate<. Enjoy these recordings while you can. I'll make book that it'll be illegal - or impossible - before the end of the decade.

-- joshua arrow (, August 11, 2003.

ok - working update for your specific problem:

slow down the frame rate from 29.9706 to 29.9655 or 29.9665

Play with the last number to get a match for your specific system - you'll likely need slightly different values for each 30 min increment group (30, 60, 120 min sets probably) Do this before editing, of course.

-- J Arrow (, August 11, 2003.

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