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-- Abid Ishaq (, July 04, 2001


I have had my Playstation 2 chipped (it willplay CD-R copies of PS-1 games). With the addition of an action 2 replay cartridge and the included software CD (version 1.3 to be compatible with the chip) it will also play copies of PS2 games (excellent, the reason that I spent the Aus$180 to get it all done). As for VCD's unfortunately there does not seem to be any way for the PS2 to play them. The plug in device that allows the original Playstation to play VCD's can not be plugged into the PS2 as it does not have the correct port. I am currently attempting to get my PS2 to play miniDVD's (DVD video recorded on a CD-R with much higher quality than VCD's but only about 17 minutes per disc) but have not had success yet.

It has just occurred to me that you may actually be looking to play PS2 games on a PS1. If this is what you are looking for, forget it. It is not possible. The PS1 can not process the amount of data in the PS2 games (about 10 times as much digital information for every frame of the video game). VCD is a data format for movies and has nothing to do with game play (other than possibly the intro movies on most game discs)

-- Emile Barrett (, July 11, 2001.

you can play ps2 games without mod chip. you have to open the cover on the ps2 and take out the cd drive cover after the put in the gameshark 2 disk and play it go to start game and jthen go to without codes then take out the gameshark 2 disk without pushings eject that means open the cd drive cover and switch disk with the burnt game and press x. the whole thing is to switch gameshark 2 disk with out leting the ps2 knowing you did and then you can start playing burnt games.

-- blake kalama (, January 15, 2003.

VCD = low quality. You can actually play them but the process which I am going to explain will make you not want to. You can actually install a Media player onto your PS2. That means you can play AVI files. AVI are compressed and can be in DVD quality. a Movie is about 600 - 700 mb so it fits in one cd most the time. You can fit around 3 DVD quality anime episodes on one cd. Im using Anime as my example because its what I watch. Anyways if you have a DVD burner you can store a whole series on one DVD. and you wont have to suffer the stupid quality loss of VCD. VCD is also playable with this add on as is MP3's and even Jpegs. Here is where to get it: t=25731&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

The site is in spanish but you can use google to translate it. ^^ goodluck.

-- Bruce (, September 05, 2003.

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