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All you brits keep bashing the american host, but I think he saved the show. The british guy dressed like a slob (or do all brits dress like this?) and was not funny at all.

-- dann burke (, July 03, 2001


Umm... He was supposed to dress that way, looks more junkyard-like

-- Daniel Lavender (, July 04, 2001.

I think the British host (Robert) is extremely witty in some of his repartee and comments in general. I enjoy him as host more than I do the American.

-- JOE FARO (D25602NYS@AOL.COM), July 08, 2001.

I think the Brit host(Robert) is much more entertaining than the American guy. And he can make the V8 sound.

-- Arik Pits (, July 24, 2001.

Robert was great - he was very funny, and didn't seem as plastic as the US hosts. And hey, Cathy's british, too - anybody complaining about her? She rocks!

-- Fred Wilks (, November 04, 2001.

I don't watch JYW anymore for the pure fact, I think Robert is not as entertaining as George. Perhaps I prefer the American sence of humour than our own British. Robert reminds me of the tinman from The Wizard of Oz, or whatever it's called - not a fan of that either.

-- Lou Paynter (, November 19, 2001.

I am an american - the Brit male host is better than the amercian - much better!

-- jerry masterson (, January 17, 2002.

i think they both have their strong points. and there is a clear differnce in their sense of humour or humor. i keep seeing robert as Kryten from Red Dwarf, so i think ultimately i lean in his direction. but try not to discount either of them just on their nationality.

-- sam baker (, April 15, 2002.

Yall... get this. tyler is always gonna liven up the show. And I've noticed more FEMALE viewers then before. Heck, Tyler is the whole reason I'm hooked on it. so i give tyler harcott as many fingers as i can find up! yea, i agree that Cathy is also great, but we NEED a contrast! geez, yall, give the guy a break! Ali

-- Ashleigh (Ali) (, July 05, 2002.

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