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Hiya Nige, are you having a nice summer?

-- Jim Green (, July 03, 2001


Hi Jim yes a fine summer but 7 days a week on barn and getting albums ready for release.Its 3.45am now..thats how busy life is so sorry not to get back to you letter will explain whats going will be updated in the next few just announced arrival at barn door with mouse for supper. I declined her kind offer but noticed a nocturnal tryst going on as a tiny one inch long newt sat by a tiny frog.....and all this as I was checking the newsletter for despatch to the new webmaster....and just typing in about Planet for Sale being about the animal kingdom..syncronicity or what....hope your well....lots of activity coming website...thanks for contact...its a wild place Cornwalll...not too many people to talk to other than the late night cat...frog...newt...strange world we are living in.. Nigel

-- Nigel Mazlyn Jones (, July 09, 2001.

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