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I begrudgingly learned to use the old double sheet readyloads, because I travel and shoot in dry areas. Im just not that fond of T-max and prefer Tri-X. I have not had any problems with the double sheet film or holder in quite some time. My photos are also sharp. I never really understood all of the complaints. It just took a concerted effort to learn how to use them correctly, like everything else in large format.

I saw my first box of the new single sheet readyloads in Seattle last week. My fears came true. A box of 20 takes about twice as much space and seems to weigh about twice as much. I guess we have to be careful of what we wish for. On extended trips I will have to cut the amount of film back quite a bit because of the room it will now take in my carry on luggage. Its too bad Kodak didn't just add tri-x to the readyload line and leave everything else alone.

-- Paul Mongillo (, July 03, 2001


Dear Paul

Yes, I appreciate your perspective, but think of it this way: you are now down to one film holder! And you can relax if you forget the changing bag at home!!!

Actually, on the way home I stopped at Calumet Chicago, but they were pretty low on stock and did not have Tmax today. My guess is that there may be few fireworks that will end up on the EPP that they sold in the last couple days which was also fairly low in stock!

Good shooting


John Bailey

-- John Bailey (, July 03, 2001.

I am anticipating the new single sheet Readyloads with guarded optimism. The singles will take more room, but will have the greater flexibility and security of keeping all sheets separate, ala Fuji.

I've talked with many users of the old system. Some have had many problems, others have had none. I had more problems before disassembling and reassembling the holder. I suspect that many of the problems stemmed from quality control in the manufacture of the holders and basic design flaws in the overall system, as well as user technique. (That's my own opinion, no hard evidence.)

I only hope that Kodak will achieve the same track record as Fuji's Quickloads (my experience: zero failures; also, I've never heard any complaints), and that they will make enough of their emulsions available in Readyloads.

Don Wong

-- Don Wong (, July 04, 2001.

My experience today is that the new Kodak Singleloads do NOT work in the Fuji Quickload holder. but SEEM to work in the Polaroid 545i holder.

Anyone else with actual experiences here?

-- W. Browning (, July 06, 2001.

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