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What do you call a fan of Aeon Flux. Is it Fluxphile. Personally I'm not too crazy about that title, sounds too much like X-phile and even Maxx-phile. In extreme cases it also can be misinterpreted as some kind of sexual piccadillo.

I think the term should be Monicans. We should be Monicans, dammit! It rolls off the tounge nicely (unlike Fluxphile which breaks consonants in the middle) and it's kind of a cool almost-inside joke like how Red Dwarf fans are called Smegheads.

Just my opinion. I'm gonna call myself a Monican regardless.

-- Damian K. (, July 03, 2001


I'm proud to be a Breen! Just kidding.

-- Vercingetorix (, July 03, 2001.

barb e. and I have recognized ourselves as Aeonoholics and are currently working through the 12 steps of coping with losing her from television.

-- pixi (, July 03, 2001.

I like "fluxphile", personally. But in the end I don't really care too much.

-- Mat Rebholz (, July 03, 2001.

Pixi, although I'm not coping well Aeonoholic is more the name of our problem with the termination of the series, (just to say this bothers me). Fluxphile is more of an optimistic reference to us. Monican sounds good, but indicates we are drawing up sides, (ha, drawing...) Even for Aeon there always has been a Breen in the midst.

-- Barb e (, July 03, 2001.

are we Fluxites?

-- Steve (, July 18, 2001.

How about we just admit everyone here is a bit more ... 'fluxual' than the average person?

-- Charlie Princeton (, September 26, 2001.


-- Dr. Razzmatazz (, September 26, 2001.

How about Goodchildren ?

-- Oscar M. (, March 14, 2004.

Goodchildren? that's kind of creepy... I mean if I didn't know who Trevor Goodchild is, I would probably associate that name with some kind of mental cult, ha...

-- Max W. (, March 14, 2004.

Whoa, I've been trying to help come up with a name for this teenaged theatre at meagre begginings thing Ive gotten involved in. Oscar, I'd like to steal that. What do you say?

-- Sam (, March 14, 2004.

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