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I am unable to view the VCD i created using NERO in my sony DVD player which has the capability of reading the CD-R's. Can anybody please provide me the proper NERO VCD template for creating the VCD's so that i can view the VCD in the DVD player.

Thanks in advance.

-- Ramesh (, July 02, 2001



I have tried for months to create a valid vcd using NERO, but my Sony will not accept them. I think that Nero burns VCD-roms and not stand-alone VCDs. So, you may need to read more about the VCD architecture and CDI architecture. Good luck

-- Phillip Buggs (, August 14, 2001.

I had the same problem and I couldn't find any CD-R to work on my sony DVD player. Solution: Use CD-RW they work fine.

-- Tony Aviles (, August 19, 2001.

First thing, I would make sure your DVD is capable of playing VCD's because alot of them are not. Secondly make sure that you encode them as Video cd's and not SVCD's because this won't work on alot of dvd players. Thirdly make sure that the format for the movie or VCD your creating is correct NTSC or PAL

-- zarillus (, December 16, 2002.

Some of the Sony DVD players will play VCDs only if they have been burned onto CD-RW media. I have a Sony 330 which I purchased about 2 years ago, and it plays only CD-RW CD-Rs. Now I am looking to buy a JVC DVD player that is probably the most friendly DVD unit when playing VCDs and SVCDs.

-- George Liu (, January 03, 2003.

Sony can only accept sony brand CD-R discs in their DVD players for VCD. I have a generic DVD Player and I used nero for the VCD and it worked fine.

-- (, January 06, 2003.

Try using the latest Nero. they appear to have fixed the bug

Changes From Nero to

Bug Fixes :

Fixed the bug which produced incompatible Video-DVDs not playable on some DVD-players Fixed an Audio CD problem which occurred with few recorders Fixed recorder speed display problem with some recorders Disabled CD-Text language combo box when no CD-Text is available for compilation type Fixed a problem which could occur in some cases with the UDF/ISO9660 bridge file system The correct language help files are called for all countries which use the same language Fixed problem when changing from Nero Express to Nero with enabled Nero Wizard Nero Express: Fixed a small problem on the string box disc name in Nero Express and Windows XP

-- Kollur Srinivas (, February 04, 2003.

used nero 5.5 to create a vcd from a wmv file,plays on my bush 2023 dvd standalone player but alas no sound,what settings should i use in the vcd setup?

-- andy blowman (, May 28, 2003.

Hi, sure u know but.. I split sound with virtualdub,reencode like VCD with TMPGEnc and burn with nero an goes ok, pionner, sony, rimax (computer usb2 dvd and alone player,mp3,cda,cd-r,cd-rw,vcd,svcd)jeje, and goes perfect,one step with DUP-DVD,also VCDeasy, after this I realize that I dont encode with nero

-- Dexter (, July 31, 2003.

Hi, I can't burn a CD,which shows the films or clips at vcd's mp3.Why can you help me.

-- yashuzak (, January 03, 2004.

I had the same problem, I was using fiber optic sound out cables on my DVD player. I added an RCA sound cable, and I got the sound out of my vcd, but now the audio is out of sync.

-- wes (, January 20, 2004.

Burn at the slowest speed possible, that fixed my problems.

-- gfhjgfh (, January 28, 2004.

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