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I'm currently looking for a used 4 x 5 enlarger, probably a Beseler or Omega since these seem to be the most plentiful. I haven't heard much information about the Beseler MCRX which isnot listed on Beseler's web site, I'd appreciate if somebody could give me some feedback on this model in regards to features and availability of spare parts. I found one ( head and chassis )listed used but lacking any information on it I couldn't guess whether it is a good value or not. It is quite a bit cheaper than the V-XL or MXT and reported in good condition. I will have to complete the rig myself so availability of parts/accessories is a consideration, as I guess it is with any used equipment.

In regards to the Omega, has anybody every used or heard of They have D-II's listed at affordable pricing, though again, I am unsure about availability of parts/accessories and have never heard of them before. Any comments would be welcome and much appreciated.

-- Andy (, July 02, 2001


Andy, I have no experience with owning Beselers, but do have an Omega D2VXL that I bought from Midwest Photo. Great enlarger-I used them in a Navy lab eons ago and have always wanted one of my own.

To answer part of your question, I have dealt with Harry Taylor of Classic Enlargers. He restores the DII, D2, D3 and other Omega enlargers and charges a pretty penny for them. He tells me he has a waitlist for orders, and I don't doubt it. He is very helpful, and has all the bits and pieces that one is invariably missing for an Omega. He is not an Omega dealer, and will refer you to Satter Omega for new parts, etc. Expect to pay for his services if you want to use them.

BTW, the main difference between a DII and a D2, I am told, is that the D2 has a crank for elevation and the DII has no crank.

-- Greg Jones (, July 02, 2001.

I have used both Omega D's and prefer the older DII. I have seen a lot of D2s with stripped gears - or broken teeth. Give me the sturdy simple model every time. The beauty of these units is that anyone with a wrench and screwdriver can fix them. Rock solid.

-- Matt O. (, July 02, 2001.

On the Beseler, if it's the older style that has the supporting rod struts ahead of the column sides, pass on it. Those struts will seriously interfere with easel placement for large prints and max printing size. The later type has the struts behind the column sides.

Beseler pieces, parts and accessories are still rather common while some items for the older Omegas can be difficult to find.

-- John Hicks (, July 02, 2001.

The Bessler is much easier to wall-mount.

-- Bruce Wehman (, July 03, 2001.

An extensive listing of parts for older Omega and Beseler enlargers is available from Focal Point. See

-- Gary Thomas (, July 03, 2001.

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